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Normally when you seek help from a professional, you receive the best they can provide. They are experts in their field but often do not see beyond their own expertise. When an individual is struggling with their mental health, we need to take a holistic, in fact a WHOLEistic approach to mental healthcare. This means we need to look at the person as a whole and offer treatment for every area that may be causing the dysfunction.

This is why at Orchestrate Health we deliver a precise diagnostic service, which we then use to join the dots between multiple highly-qualified practitioners and our clients. We believe that it is this holistic, all-encompassing approach which sets us apart from our competition. This allows our clients to access a multifaceted package of care which addresses the entire spectrum of their needs. In using a tailored approach, our clients receive treatment which is tailored exactly to them, delivered by a team of experts across every field.

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We follow a Stepped care model to make a clinical decision as to which sort of treatment is currently the most appropriate for the person we are assessing

Mild to moderate presentation



Psychiatric Assessment
– Therapy Programme (CBT, Yoga, EMDR, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and others)
– 2 sessions in total per week
– 4 & 6 week packages

There is no need to go it alone

Moderate to severe presentation



Psychiatric Assessment
– Therapy Programme (CBT, Yoga, EMDR, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and others)
– 3 sessions in total per week
– 4, 6 and 10 week packages 

Visiting Package
Psychiatric Assessment +
Daily Visits 5 Days per week by CPN or Mental Health Support Worker price per month

We work better as a team

Severe presentations & disorders



Live in Care Packages – Priced according to specific needs of the client

Shared Care Packages – Determined by need and involvement of CMHT and clinical risk responsibility

(Specific Structured Therapies – CBT, Dialectical Behavioural therapy,
Psychotherapy, Family therapy and others)

Psychiatric Assessment Therapy Programme including :
Mindfulness, CBT (Clinical Psychologist), DBT, Dietician, Psychotherapist, and other modalities

– 4, 6 & 10 week packages
– 52-week EUPD programme

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Areas covered

Our mental and behavioural health treatment services are available both nationwide and abroad. Our staff are willing to travel to wherever you are to provide expert treatment and care discreetly in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If a client wishes to receive treatment outside of the UK, arrangements can be made.

COVID19 - We are open

 Following government advice, and NHS guidance, we are continuing to provide care for our patients during this difficult time, via home care and online services

Professional Memberships

Our professionals work alongside respected industry-specific organisations

Orchestrate Health is a trading name of Addcounsel Limited which is registered by the CQC.

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