Burnout can affect absolutely anyone. It generally begins as a result of an overwhelming workload, emotional strain, or a difficult time in one’s personal life. Whatever the reason, we understand that burnout can have a drastically negative impact on your health and happiness.

Burnout often goes hand in hand with depression. It gets in the way of enjoying life outside of work and responsibilities. As difficult as it is to experience, treatment is available, and is best applied in the early stages of burnout. You don’t have to suffer through it alone.

Burnout is a progressive condition, one that is mild at first but, when left unmanaged, builds up until it causes a person to become physically and mentally unable to function.

In a state of burnout, it’s common to experience depression. Along with this, it can feel like a personal failure. We understand that many people who suffer from burnout tend to strive for perfection in their work life and their relationships, and failing to do so can leave one feeling highly disappointed in themselves. It’s important to remember that burnout affects many people across the world, and does not imply weakness or failure. According to the HSE, ‘the total number of cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19 was 602,000, a prevalence rate of 1,800 per 100,000 workers.’

One of the goals in our home-based burnout treatment here at Orchestrate is to help you identify your stressors, or, the areas of your life which have led you to burnout. Once we recognise these stressors, we can work towards better, more effective self-management and boundary setting, and also work on addressing the psychological and physiological symptoms that developed in the build up to the condition.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

In the beginning stages of burnout, which is considered to be a state of complete exhaustion, a person will gradually lose their interest in both work and home life. This is followed by a reduced enjoyment and lack of motivation around things that one previously enjoyed. Excessive feelings of fatigue and a low mood accompany the condition, which lead to further feelings of exhaustion and lack of motivation. More symptoms of burnout include:

  • Irritability and frustration
  • Cynical thinking
  • Reduced personal hygiene
  • A sense of isolation or alienation from friends, family, and colleagues
  • A feeling that your mental and physical resources are depleted
  • A breakdown in one’s professional and personal relationships

Expert treatment for burnout

At Orchestrate, we place our clients’ personal needs and peace of mind at the centre of our focus. We offer home treatment for those suffering from burnout, so you can receive the help you need in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to arrange for travel or check in to a treatment facility, as we offer outpatient treatment in your own home. 

Our team of expert nurses, psychiatrist, psychologists, and counsellors all work together in developing a tailor made treatment approach, so you can restore your physical and mental health and wellbeing and continue to live a happy, fulfilling life. Burnout does not need to take control of how you live your life. 

We implement effective therapeutic methods like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and stress-reduction techniques to help you regain control and learn how to put yourself and your health and wellbeing first.

We are here to help

Burnout does not have to control how you live. It is by no means easy to deal with, but the bottom line is that, with the right help, it can be treated and prevented. Contact us today to arrange a home-based consultation for you or a loved one who is suffering, and take the power away from the progressive condition.

We are here to help

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I was referred by a friend of mine, whose daughter was treated there and who similarly, was at the 'end of the road'. From the initial contact, through the entire process, everything was different. They inspired a new confidence and the way the staff treated my son, and, uniquely, how they treated me, was incredible. He is now making great progress and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

The staff were professional, friendly and were there 24/7 to help me out with any problems that I had. All of my needs were dealt with promptly and the environment was tailored to my needs and character. No small detail was overlooked. I continued to receive care, encouragement and coaching, even after my time with them had come to an end. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs them."

I would like to thank addcounsel from the bottom of my heart for saving my partners life. Nine months ago we asked you for help. My partner was near death from his addictions. You have given my children there dad back and I will forever be eternally grateful.

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