comprehensive Dementia Treatment at Home

At Orchestrate Health, we know how alarming dementia can seem. We offer customised and compassionate care for dementia, using a Stepped Care model to ensure that you or your loved one only get the appropriate level of care.

Are You Worried About Dementia?

A dementia diagnosis can be incredibly scary – people often assume that residential care is the only option. The thought of having to leave the security of your home coupled with the potential cognitive decline is overwhelming. 

Coping with dementia symptoms such as memory loss and poor concentration while living alone can also be daunting. 

Luckily, there is a solution. You don’t need to leave the place you love and feel safe to access high-quality treatment for dementia. At Orchestrate Health, we offer customised packages of care, delivered by experts in the security of your own home. 

Our specialist intervention can both help the symptoms and severity of dementia. Often, dementia help only focuses on one specific area of a person’s life, but we address both the symptoms and offer psychological support to ensure that every aspect of your life is looked after.

Stepped Care Dementia Treatment

Dementia describes a range of conditions that affect our memory, language, and how we perform everyday tasks. As such, it displays differently in everyone – a one size fits all approach simply is not the most efficient way of helping.

Our Stepped Care model makes sure that you or your loved one receives the precise level of support needed. We join the dots between our network of healthcare specialists and our clients – you’ll get the expert treatment that you deserve at the level you need.

How Dementia Treatment at Home Can Help Your Loved One

We understand that residential dementia care can seem like a step backwards, particularly if people are used to living independently. Care homes also usually have many different workers, with set schedules and visiting hours that don’t consider individual needs. 

At Orchestrate Health, we use a small team of dedicated experts to treat dementia. You won’t have to worry about getting to know new people repeatedly – you’ll also remain in charge of how their treatment works. We work reliably with people’s routines while respecting their individuality. 

We don’t want the condition to stop you from living well – we’ll help you stay connected to the sources of joy in your life. 


While there is no cure for dementia, certain medications can be used to slow its progression and also address some symptoms, depending on its root cause. Everyone responds differently to medication, so your progress will be monitored closely without invading your privacy. 

Therapeutic Interventions

A dementia diagnosis can have a huge psychological impact. Our team of therapists can help you process this news and also work together to help you change any negative thought patterns you might have fallen into. 

Live-in Support

Our live-in support is designed to help you remain as independent as you can but being as helpful as possible. You’ll have access to: 

  • Live in Mental Health Nursing (RMN/CPN) – 12/8/ hour shift availability
  • Visiting Mental Health Nurse (RMN/CPN) – 2/4/6 hour visits
  • Occupational Health
  • Therapeutic Support workers 

Family Support

Dementia doesn’t only affect those with it – it impacts the entire family. If needed, we can offer therapeutic support to help you come to terms with your loved one’s condition. We can also educate you on how best to care for them and help you expand your knowledge of what can be a worrying condition.

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