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At Orchestrate Health, we offer customised treatment packages for a range of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Our Stepped Care model ensures that you’ll only get the appropriate level of care to help you begin and sustain your recovery journey.

Eating Disorder Treatment at Orchestrate Health

Eating disorders cause an immense impact on our wellbeing. The psychological effects and obsessional aspects come to dominate our lives, and leave us feeling like there is no way out. Dangerous eating habits can also threaten our physical health and very lives.

You might be worried that the only option for high-quality eating disorder treatment involves inpatient residential treatment. This can be intimidating for someone in a crisis, and also very expensive. 

At Orchestrate Healthcare we provide holistic at-home services for those who are not at a critical stage that requires inpatient care, or do not wish to, but still want to start their recovery journey. 

We can also help you step down from intensive inpatient care and adjust to everyday living, without compromising your safety. Most of our therapy can be delivered via video call, so that we disrupt your life as little as possible.

Stepped Care for Eating Disorders

Eating disorder intervention is about more than just food and our appearance – it’s about getting to the root cause of the problem. At Orchestrate Health, we offer customised eating disorder care packages, delivered using the Stepped Care model. 

Stepped Care ensures that you only get the level of treatment you need at that precise moment. If you need high-level, live-in support we can accommodate that, or if you just need a therapist to check in with once per week we’re happy to provide that.

How Does Eating Disorder Treatment at Home Work?


We know that time is of the essence when addressing eating disorders. We offer rapid diagnosis with our expert psychiatrists within 24 hours of being contacted so that we can formulate a bespoke treatment package.

Psychological Intervention 

Therapy for eating disorders can help you unpick negative thinking patterns around food and body image and also cope with urges and cravings in a healthy way. Often, the root cause of eating disorders is in our past and can be related to trauma. Our highly-trained therapists can help you gain an understanding of your condition and help you set realistic but achievable goals. 

Nutritional Intervention

Our highly-trained dieticians can help develop a plan to reach your healthy eating goals and to sustain them in the long-term. They can help you work towards a healthy weight, help you practice meal planning, and help correct any physical issues that your condition may have caused. 


If it’s found that your eating disorder is linked to an underlying mental health condition such as depression or anxiety we may use medication that will add to your therapeutic experience. We can also prescribe medications for any physical health problems caused by your eating disorder.

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